Premium Glass Decanter Set with 4 Liquor Glasses, 9 Cooling Whisky Stones & Funnel

Premium Glass Decanter Set 

Impress Every Guest

Your home bar is begging for a signature centerpiece, and no office is complete without a little something special to sip from! The HG deluxe decanter set is sure to steal the show as a piece of decor, all while preserving your favorite beverages! The best part? The HG set, complete with 4 matching liquor glasses, says, ”Come on over. Let’s have a drink together.” With stunning design and superior quality, this is truly a set you’ll want to make a toast to again and again!
personalized whiskey glasses and decanter
HG's Premium Liquor Decanter Set

Raise Your Glass

What makes the HG set the ideal cocktail? The answer is as clear as the crystal glasses you’ll be sipping from:

  • Hand-blown glass cut to artistic, eye-catching perfection!
  • Versatile whiskey, bourbon, or scotch decanter with removable cap maintains lasting freshness of any adult beverage!
  • All occasions: Whether you’re hosting holiday parties, drinks with the boys, or important guests, show them the kind of man you are with a taste of HG.
  • Spotless, see-through crystal glasses of the highest clarity!
  • BONUS set of 9 chiller cubes made from safe, reusable, never-melting chilling stones! There’s even a velvet drawstring bag to store your stones.
  • SPECIAL BONUS funnel for precise, spill-free pouring!
  • Premium padded storage box for protected shipping AND safekeeping when not on display!
  • 90-Day Warranty: Love it, or let us know. If it’s not to your taste, get a refund!

  • personalized whiskey decanter
    HG's Whiskey Decanter Set

    In the Gift-Giving ‘Spirits’

    Finding the perfect gift for your man is hard enough already. Luckily, the HG decanter gift set is made for any man who likes to wet his whistle! The killer quality and sophisticated style of the glass compliment all kinds of accomplished men. Try surprising your husband, boyfriend, father, brother, or boss with this spectacular gift set for men!


    1. TIME FOR A TOAST – In the mood for a big boy beverage? Pour up and enjoy with HG’s luxury whiskey glass set. The eye-catching glass decanter is ideal for whiskey, scotch, bourbon, rum, tequila, and more! Make toasts anytime, with your favorite drink in hand. That’s the HG way.
    2. MAKE IT A PARTY – Adorn your home or office, AND savor a drink with some friends, all with the same whisky set. Your HG personalized decanter includes 4 signature drinking glasses to match. Crystal clear and cut to perfection, every swish, sniff, and sip is better than the last.
    3. POUR. CHILL. INDULGE. – While some take it neat, others like it chilled! Now you can top off delicious drinks with HG’s reusable cooling cubes! Your BONUS set of 9 never-melting whiskey stones keeps liquor ice cold from top to bottom and never waters it down.
    4. COMPLETE WHISKEY SET – Keep your bar or liquor cart neat like your whiskey, thanks to our bonus funnel with each purchase. This FREE stainless-steel funnel is the finishing touch to your whiskey glass and decanter set! Perfect each beverage using your funnel, and when you’re done, store it inside the padded gift box!
    5. TRY IT RISK-FREE – We know you have a taste for the exquisite, and we’re here to meet your every need. If for any reason you don’t love your personalized whiskey decanter set, frozen whisky stones, and funnel, HG’s 90-Day Warranty protects your purchase.
    We make it easy to enjoy the hard stuff. Add the HG glass decanter set with 4 liquor glasses to your cart today and sip for yourself!
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